Stidston, Stoddard, Engelbregt, Ferdinands, Nazar-Sabejian, Stoddart, Devon, Scotland, Dutch East India
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Stidston shop, Plymouth, ca. 1900. 55K file. Advertisement, Doidge's 1874. 32K file. Advertisement, Doidge's 1882. 60K file.
Stidston shop, Plymouth, ca. 1900. Advertisement, Doidge’s 1874. Advertisement, Doidge’s 1882.
Mailshot to customers, 1869. 63K file. Brochure, 1873. 43K file. Brochure, 1873. 32K file.
Mailshot to customers, 1869. Brochure, 1873. side 1. NEW! Brochure, 1873. side 2.
Advertisement, Doidge's 1873. 34K file. Enlargement and info. 46K file. Enlargement and info. 50K file.
Advertisement, Doidge’s 1873. NEW! Brochure, 1872. side 1. NEW! Brochure, 1872. side 2.
21st birthday letter. Newspaper clipping.
Another Stidston shop.
NEW! 21st birthday letter. NEW! Newspaper clipping. NEW! Another Stidston shop.

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