Stidston, Stoddard, Engelbregt, Ferdinands, Nazar-Sabejian, Stoddart, Devon, Scotland, Dutch East India
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 Links and acknowledgements.

I'd like to thank the following for their hugely helpful websites and, in some cases, personal assistance:

  • Steve Johnson for his CyberHeritage site and its many offshoots. It was Steve who brought the Stidston shop photographs to our attention, and since then he has provided hundreds of megabytes’ worth of historical images of Plymouth and surrounding areas.
  • Henk Lever for his help with identifying our Dutch ancestry.
  • Ruth Wilson for her help with dating and locating the Stidston shops in Plymouth.
  • The Devon Family History Society, both for their fine website and for the vast store of information they made available to us on our July 2001 visit to Exeter, Devon.
  • Genuki and FamilySearch for their great data repositories on the Net. (Thank goodness for ADSL and always-on Net connections!)

Thanks, Foodware, for all the great recipes!

Old Plymouth photo.
One of many fine Plymouth photos on Steve Johnson’s ‘content over style’ websites.

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