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 A micro-history of the Stidstons.


Our branch of the Stidstons goes back a bit like this...

  1. 1600s: Take a bunch of Devonshire stalwarts, predominantly originating around the Kingston parish of Devon, near Plymouth, all carrying the STIDSTON name. They typically came from the hamlets of Ugborough, Scobbescombe and Modbury. The earliest of these for whom we have any kind of record was a John Wakeham STIDSTON, born Scobbescombe, who may have died around 1878. His son, James Wakeham STIDSTON, born 14 May 1852, took himself off to British India and Burma sometime after his 21st birthday... perhaps in the 1880s. There, he married Matilda FERDINANDS (born 1867), daughter of Dr James Bernard FERDINANDS.
  2. Dr James Bernard FERDINANDS (born 1831) came from a line of Ferdinands originating in the Netherlands, who found themselves in the East as part of their employment by the Dutch East India Company (VOC) in Ceylon and southern India. The good doctor's pedigree tapers off in our records with Johannes FERDINANDS, who married Aletta BOUTHOUDER/BOLTHOUDER probably around 1720-1730.
  3. James Wakeham STIDSTON (mentioned in (a) above) and his wife Matilda had a son Raymond Ferdinand STIDSTON, who married, in 1922, Taqui Muriel STODDARD (born 1904). Taqui was the daughter of Wallace Arthur Wood STODDARD and Tarqui ENGELBREGT (married 14 Nov 1903).
  4. Wallace Arthur Wood STODDARD traces his origins back to South Leith, near Edinburgh in Scotland, through a line of STODDARDs and STODDARTs that ends, in our records, with the record of the marriage of a James STODDART and a Margaret BALANTINE in South Leith on 20 April 1763.
  5. As for Tarqui ENGELBREGT (in (c) above), she represented the merging of two other Dutch families, the ENGELBREGTs and the KRAYENHOFFs. The KRAYENHOFF records we hold end with the union of Cornelis Jansz KRAYENHOFF and Catharina SCHIMMELS (somewhere around 1630–1640). Likewise, the earliest ENGELBREGT record we have is that of the marriage of Johannes ENGLEBREGT and Tsieke CARSTENSZ, at a time that could not have been much later than around 1670.

Of course, this brief overview cannot do justice to the many people and families who made these events possible — currently we have nearly 400 individuals on record. There are many gaps and a fair few solidly-founded facts. If the general pattern rings a bell with you, if some of the names tie up with your own records, please help me tighten up this rough plot. Now on to the surnames...

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